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Surveys delivered effectively,
managed effortlessly and with
results clearly reported,
we make surveys simple.

Here's how

Formation Systems

Intuitive dashboard

Easily organise and prioritise questions and keep track of responses in real-time through an easy-to-use dashboard.

Formation Systems

Data categorisation and custom reports

Analyse information your way: group data across jobs with fully customisable data analysis and automated logic.

Formation Systems

Complex surveys made simple

Run and manage multi-focus surveys like 360's (for example around Communication or Team Performance), or more commonly found, single respondent surveys (for example, from mental health to holistic health practices, from leadership strategy to team cohesiveness, from self-preservation and competitive indexes to love and healing - we see it all! Distribute small or large scale survey projects with ease through your simple-as dashboard with functional on-screen presentation and powerful, feature rich control.

Formation Systems

Tailored reporting in moments

One of the differences about Formation Systems is its reporting capability. You're able to produce almost any report you need from collected survey data - amazing! The entire data flow process is GDPR Compliant and operates within strict security protocols, regularly updated and maintained.

Formation Systems

White-labelling: make it yours

Create proprietary surveys for clients or staff and quickly generate error-checked reports in written, spreadsheet or presentation format, including your own layout and branding.


How we’ve helped

  • We enabled the CEO of a not-for profit to create a culture survey. As a result, sources of low morale were identified and addressed, helping reduce staff turnover.

  • A head office HR department for a world leading technology company required use of a branded 360 degree process as part of a broad global team development program. A department administrator was able to manage the end-to-end survey process entirely from their own online Dashboard.

  • A medium sized medical clinic created a quick exit interview survey as part of their formal documentation. They were able to integrate the output from this process into their own database.

  • A Life Balance Consultancy created their own proprietary tool for measuring life and work satisfaction, as well as for other partnered clients running their programs. Formation Systems enabled an end-to-end solution for hosting their survey and tailoring their online Dashboard, including Dashboard instances for partnered clients.